Case Report

Fetal Ovarian Cyst Torsion: Antenatal Evaluation and Management


  • Necip Cihangir YILANLIOĞLU
  • Altuğ SEMİZ
  • Yaşam Kemal AKPAK
  • Ercan TUTAK
  • Yasemin ÇEKMEZ
  • Meltem ÖZBEN
  • Nilay KARACA

Received Date: 06.11.2015 Accepted Date: 21.12.2015 Bezmialem Science 2016;4(2):80-82

Routine antenatal care is rendered more effective if some extra care is spent on the general anatomical development of the fetus even in the last few weeks approaching term, when some previously unsuspected pathologies can be detected and appropriately managed. In this case, we present the case of a patient in her 35th gestational week. The fetus was suspected to have an ovarian cyst, and the patient was therefore referred to our hospital. By means of Doppler ultrasound examination, a fetal ovarian cyst torsion was diagnosed, and delivery was expedited to enable the pediatric surgeon to operate on the newborn. The diagnosis was confirmed at the operation, and the ovary was salvaged with a successful cystectomy.

Keywords: Fetal ovarian cyst, prenatal diagnosis, fetal abdominal mass, ultrasound scan, ovarian torsion