Bezmialem Science 2013;1(1):0-0

Bezmialem Science is an e-journal and the first issue is published for promotion.

As it is Worldwide, in Turkey, there are many journals published for the purpose of having the value of scientific research appreciated and displaying this appreciation by receiving citation from other researchers. Turkey has a scientific community formed by high potency researchers. However, the number of Turkish journals accepted to be covered by SCIE and/or PubMed/Medline is not sufficient.

For this reason, Bezmialem Science has been established within Bezmialem Vakif University as an international electronic journal aiming to publish independent and unprejudiced publications from all areas of medicine.

Bezmialem Vakif University, within the 3rd year of its foundation, is a thematic university adopting contributions to the scientific world as a principle with its deep-rooted history of 171 years.

The initial objective of Bezmialem Science is to be indexed by Turkish Medical Index of ULAKBİM which was founded by TUBİTAK in 1994. The ultimate goal of our journal is to reach a qualified and permanent level of quality which is acknowledged and supported by the international scientific community.

The scope of the Bezmialem Science will include manuscripts prepared on all fields of medicine which has scientific value and a contribution to the base of scientific knowledge. Bezmialem Science will publish 4 issues annually as an e-journal including Editorials, Reviews, Original Research Articles, and Case Reports in each issue.

While the usage of Turkish language appropriately is a basic and desired objective, publishing manuscripts in English will enrich the journal’s content and increase its acceptability for indexing in Internatioal Databases. The essential aim is giving priority to high quality publications which provide a contribution to the base of scientific knowledge as being objective.

Being a newly founded journal, Bezmialem Science will rapidly accomplish its goals with your support. We are looking forward to receiving your submissions.

We would like to thank Saffet TÜZGEN for his contributions.

Best regards.

Editorial Board